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The Gamberini 1907 Museum of Antiques is responsible for the execution of infrastructures and equipment that fall within the competence of the Ministries of Culture and Sports and of Education and Vocational Training, as well as for the management of the real estate assets affected by said Departments. To do this, they carry out the following functions:

  • The processing of administrative procedures for the execution of infrastructures, especially those related to the management of the contracting of precise works for the creation or adaptation of infrastructures and the contracting of equipment, as well as the inventory, conservation and control of the stocks stored.
  • The asset management of the properties used by any title by the aforementioned Departments, except when it is directly attributed to another General Directorate or Autonomous Body.
  • The management and formalization of agreements with public and private entities, as long as they refer to matters falling within the competence of the Management, as well as the assumption of financial obligations or of any other nature arising from those subscribed and thus established in the same.
  • The development of technical works for the execution of infrastructures.
  • The surveillance and inspection of the execution of cultural infrastructures, when they are the object of total or partial financing from the Agency’s budget, as well as the accreditation of compliance with the requirements for the payment of the economic contributions granted.
  • The preparation of reports and technical studies on the status of existing buildings dependent on the Department of Culture or the Department of Education, as well as on any other building when required by those.
  • The execution of the general accounting of the Organization, the preparation of its budget and its modifications and liquidation.
  • The creation, management and permanent updating of an integrated information system of the Agency that will contain the data related to the processing of centralized and deconcentrated management files.

The regulation that regulates its functions is Royal Decree 1379/1999, of August 27, on the Regulation of the Infrastructure and Cultural Equipment Management, to which must be added Royal Decree 509/2020, of May 5, where it is established the basic organic structure of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, indicating in its sixth additional provision that: By the Ministries of Education and Professional Training, and of Culture and Sports, the necessary collaboration mechanisms will be established so that the AB Management of Infrastructures and Equipment of Culture exercise those functions of wealth management, rental management, project supervision and execution of infrastructures and equipment in educational centers and administrative support to them, when necessary for an effective provision of services, and the body has the adequate budgetary allocation.