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So your kid is ready to join preschool, what should you do? As a parent, there are a lot of things that you are expected to do so as to prepare your kid for school. The first thing you were to do is find a good school for your child. Assuming that you made the right decision in your choice of school, here is a checklist of the necessary items needed to prepare your child for their first day of preschool.

Get a good backpack



Well, this might seem apparent, but some parents tend to ignore it. You will need a good backpack that is durable enough. Other than the durability, the backpack should be good enough, and it must match the style or preference of the child. Don’t forget to add a named tag inside the bag just to be safe. It must be durable enough because the child will develop a bond.

A lunchbox



Your child will need to eat while in school. For that, consider getting a good lunchbox that will serve him/her well. Make sure you ask if the school will provide food for your child, and how much you will need to pay. If you are not comfortable with all that, stick to packing lunch for your child.



Medical form



This will be needed by the school, mostly if the child will get snacks or food in the school. The school will ask you to carry the form to point out any medication or allergies of the child. If your child has any, don’t forget to include it on the first day.



A small blanket/Towel



Naptime is going to happen at the school, so you should be prepared enough. Even though some schools will have blankets for the children, include a small blanket just in case your child misses one. It is better to have an extra blanket than your child sleeping without any.






The child will write and draw at school, so make sure you pack enough stationery. Ideally, pack two pencils, a pencil box, a notebook, along with erasers.



Other than packing the right supplies, make sure you arrive at the school earlier to let the kid familiarize herself with the environment. Also, remember to say goodbye to the child, rather than sneaking away. Do your packing and planning the day before.




San Diego’s Number One Choice for Preschools is a long-standing center that is well-known for its impeccable services, friendly teachers, and faith-based system. The Vine learning Center team will learn more about how to help your child grow better, and how you can make the learning process of the child easy.

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