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The secrets of the ancient world, of the very history of our humanity throughout these past centuries, have been revealed to us in numerous forms and ways. Some files are still preserved, whether on papyrus, paper, or even tables, about what life was like in those times. The chronicles of the Greek and Roman philosophers and scholars give us a good structured and general overview of the entire spectrum of actions and events that took place at that time. But on many occasions, what has allowed us to learn more about the way of life of ancient civilizations, and even the planet before man mastered it, has been our own curiosity to unearth the past in archaeological excavations carried out for more than two centuries.

Excavations that are now suggested to us through the scenes of some tremendously famous films, such as the Indiana Jones saga, Tomb Raider, The Exorcist or Jurassic Park, and that through that incessant search for bones, vessels, and all kinds of ancient objects, the human being has been able to reconstruct his past, better understanding his history, and even changing it, if necessary, to delimit our own evolution, thanks to these remains. The archaeologists and expert historians who participate in this type of excavation may not take as much merit or as much glamor as an Indiana Jones, but it is clear that they have been essential for history to be known today as it is known. And perhaps this has also encouraged many people to take that same path.

Why are they so interesting?

An archaeological expedition can be something tremendously interesting both physically and intellectually. It is true that most of us have idealized these excavations because we hardly know about them because of the totally upset vision that comes to us through movies, novels, and television series. In reality, many excavations simply consist of cleaning the land, in a very careful and sometimes quite boring way, until you find a specific object that may be useful to date the site or that has some historical value. However, when this happens, the discovery can literally change history, and being present in something like that is very exciting, no doubt.

There are people who are absolutely passionate about history and archeology who feel like a fish in water in this type of excavation, because that excitement of discovering something new, that pleasure they feel when uncovering a hidden part of our history, makes them feel very good. . Of course, there is nothing written about tastes, and although for many this work can be supremely tedious, others find it exciting, and they are not without reason. We are looking face to face at our history, unveiling it after centuries, maybe millennia. It is true that currently, it seems that great archaeological discoveries have already been made, but there is still much to discover, and more and more people are joining these expeditions in search of a bit of adventure.

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