Questions From Those Going into a Hand Procedure
By: Date: March 9, 2021 Categories: hand surgeon

You depend on your hands every day. They help you in your work and in your everyday life as you go about your daily tasks. Without the aid of your hands, life would be drastically different. For some folks, conditions might develop in their hands or arms that can make the usage of them difficult. When these times arise, some medical attention might be required to help the person keep the full functionality of their hands.

Have you been told that you might have to end up looking at options for hand surgery? If so, prepare yourself with some common questions asked by people just like you who are in the same position.

How long does it take to recover from hand surgeries?

You can expect it to take up to two or three weeks for your skin to heal up after surgery, and another 12 weeks or so before the full functionality of your hand is restored.

What should I do during recovery?

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You should take it as easy as possible during recovery from hand surgery. Don’t do anything strenuous with your hands, and don’t lift up on anything heavy with them. Make sure you have a trusted loved one around who can help you during this time as you recover.

Do you get put to sleep for hand surgery?

This will be up to the preferences of the patient, thanks to advancements in hand surgeries. Now, most of these procedures can be done using a local anesthetic. However, if the patient needs it, they can be put to sleep for the operation.

Hopefully, these questions and answers have helped you find some important information that you might have been looking for. If you’re ready, get in touch with a hand surgeon who will be able to book an appointment to help you find the help you need for your hands.