How Joint Replacement Works
By: Date: March 9, 2021 Categories: joint replacement

This is how a joint replacement proceeds. The joint replacement is a surgical procedure. Parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are removed. These are replaced with a ceramic, metal or plastic device known as a prosthesis. This device is designed to replicate the usual movements of a healthily functioning joint. The most commonly performed joint replacements are done to the hips and knees. Other areas of the body where joint replacements will be done are the ankles, elbows, shoulders and wrists.

joint replacement

Should joint replacement surgery be required, patients can rest assured that the surgery will be safe in spite of the fact that this form of surgery is going to be invasive. Common conditions and diseases that lead to the need for joint replacements are arthritic in the main. Arthritis can occur in the knee while osteoarthritis may be more common to the hip. How would you know if your joints are suspect? Well, you would be feeling pain. And you are starting to struggle to walk or use your other limbs. When pain becomes so severe that not even chronic medication, activity modifications and/or physical therapy seems to help, joint specialists could very well recommend total joint replacements.

The actual joint pain could be caused by damage to the cartilage that lines the ends of bones. These are also referred to as articular cartilage. Apart from arthritis, such pain could also be as a result of an occurring or traumatic fracture. Patients of course, now in the knowledge that their surgery will be safe, are prepared thoroughly for what must come. A general practitioner needs to ensure that the patient is in generally good health. He could very well be providing the specialist surgeon with a series of blood tests and a cardiogram.